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Gia Bartoli-Shaw

Chronic headaches, debilitating pain and complete hopelessness.  That is what my everyday life was about for years.  Emergency room visits for the intolerable pain at least twice a week, appointment after appointment of doctors pretending to listen only to be misdiagnosed time after time, sleeping 90% of the day from the endless variety of medications given to me, missing time with my family and friends and falling into a deeper and darker place with every passing day. 

This is what my life was.  I was so sick of doctors telling me what my headaches were the result of and how to make the headaches go away because none of their theories had proven true.  After years of seeing all kinds of doctors, from general practitioners to specialists to physical therapists to surgeons, I had zero trust in anyone claiming to be a doctor.  I was at wit’s end and was wondering how long I would have to endure my miserable life filled with pain.  A family member convinced me to see Dr. Hall.  At the time, I had little to no expectations for him as he was just another doctor in a long line of people who, in my opinion, had no idea what they were talking about.  After contemplating whether or not I would be able to handle another disappointment from yet another guy with M.D. behind his name, I begrudgingly went to see Dr. Hall.

I knew quickly that Dr. Hall was different from the endless doctors I had been seeing.  This man, this medical professional, was actually listening to me.  Not only was he truly listening, he wasn’t rushing me out the door to get to as many other appointments as possible.  I was surprised at his willingness to explain each aspect of what he thought my diagnosis was.  Really?  Could I really be seeing a doctor who actually cared about what was going on with me?  Yes!  I was!  Dr. Hall took the time to listen, to explain, to help me understand my illness, to comfort me through the recovery process.  He took the time to care about me as his patient and he took the time to care about me as a human being.  No doctor had ever done that for me before.  He walked me through each treatment and recovery step and never once made me feel like I was wasting his time or like I didn’t matter.  Caring, compassionate, sympathetic, knowledgeable, genuine and honest…these are all the things that come to my mind when I think about Dr. Hall.  I can tell you that today I am headache free.  I am living a full life doing the things I love with family and friends, something I never imagined I would be able to do during those terrible pain-filled years.  I owe everything to Dr. Hall.  He’s the only doctor who gave me hope that I could be cured and he’s the only doctor who reminded me that there was a big world out there, away from hospitals and doctor’s offices, a world where I could enjoy life…a world without intolerable pain and hopelessness.  

I don’t know where I’d be without the healing kindness of Dr. Hall…I just know I wouldn’t be the happy, healthy and grateful person I am today.  Thank you Dr. Hall.   If you aren’t wearing a cape with an “S” sewn on it, you should definitely get one.  You may get some funny looks as you pass people on the street, but those funny looks won’t be from me because I know the superhero you truly are.


Timothy O. Hall, M.D.

Board Certified: Physical Medicine & RehabilitationEMG / NCV; Pain Medicine


Judy Webb

I have suffered from migraines for over 40 years.  I tried all types of medications and therapies which worked for short periods of time.  I would still have periods of time (days usually) that I would be unable to function.  I heard good things about Dr. Hall and thought that I would give him a try.  


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