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dr-timothy-hall-colorado-springs-coloradoDr. Hall draws from 20+ years of experience treating multiple pain syndromes, focusing mostly on headache and neck pain. He was a pioneer in the use of Botox injections for head and neck pain and continues to use them successfully. He incorporates other modalities and avenues of treatments, including providers for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, myofascial pain, facet driven pain to create a multidisciplinary approach to treating head and neck injuries and pain syndromes. 

Medications are utilized when appropriate but the focus is on utilizing other interventions to avoid regular medication use. Effort is made to actually unearth the source of pain as opposed to simply masking the symptoms. 

This is the key to our success over the years. Patients have been treated that are acute with recent trauma as well as with long standing treatments that have failed elsewhere.


Judy Webb

I have suffered from migraines for over 40 years.  I tried all types of medications and therapies which worked for short periods of time.  I would still have periods of time (days usually) that I would be unable to function.  I heard good things about Dr. Hall and thought that I would give him a try.  


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